Surveillance / Subrosa

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? There is no stronger evidence than a good surveillance video and we can say without hesitation that our Surveillance Specialists are THE BEST in the industry. With state of the art 4K cameras, including, but not limited to hidden and covert cameras, specially equipped surveillance vehicles and long range radios, our field investigators get the best results possible. All video can be delivered to the client via a password protected online video link on our private server, a DVD or CD.

In addition to the traditional surveillance/subrosa utilized in the scope of verifying the validity of an insurance based claim, BIA also offers our Surveillance Specialists to our corporate clients in the manner of “Premises Security Monitoring & Consulting”. The stories of disgruntled employees, both current and former, who have acted on threats, are in the news on a weekly basis. Through coordination with local law enforcement and corporate security, employees or former employees who are asked to leave a facility can be monitored through surveillance methods to protect both the facility, as well as the existing employees. Our firm has worked with multi-national businesses and their global heads of departments to ensure safety for their personnel and property on a continued basis.