"Outstanding PI Project of the year"

Awarded by the San Diego county council , 2020

Busalacchi Investigative Agency

BIA was founded 30 years ago in 1992 by Peter Busalacchi.  Mr. Busalacchi graduated at the top of his class in Criminal Justice Administration from San Diego State University and has continuing service studies from Yale University in finance and economics with an emphasis in insurance, risk management, fraud, manipulation and regulation.  Mr. Busalacchi is also a Licensed and Registered Investment Advisor.  He has worked in business and insurance investigations for over 30 years and had a vision to put together a team of investigative experts who take great pride in their work product and were results oriented.  Today, our staff is comprised of experts in their specialized fields and have numerous years of education and experience in the business/insurance industry, law enforcement, military, finance, wealth management and business/financial sectors. We are proud to say that our surveillance videos have been used as a training tool by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, Insurance Fraud Division.  The referrals for criminal prosecution based on our video footage has continued to go up every year.

WHY CHOOSE Busalacchi Investigative Agency?

When you choose Busalacchi Investigative Agency, Inc. you are going with a nationally recognized company in business for over 30 years with expert experience and knowledge in the complex world of investigations. We pour over every detail of the case with our clients, analyze the best approach, and then execute those plans to ensure we get the best possible results in an
affordable manner.
With our combination of expert investigators, access to top level database information and state of the art equipment and technology, we are your trusted source for investigative needs.

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At Busalacchi Investigative Agency, Inc., our attentive staff is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year to answer all of your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied.



    We will not undertake your case unless we are confident we can provide the service you desire. Once we take your case we will conduct the investigation in a time efficient and professional manner, always keeping your satisfaction as our goal. At the conclusion we will deliver a concise and well written report in a timely manner. Most of all we will follow up to be sure that you are satisfied with the service provided.

    We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your project. We know investigative matters often involve highly charged, private situations that require the utmost discretion. We are sensitive to this and know how to minimize the stress in handling matters of a delicate nature. Call or e-mail and we’ll give you the information you need to make a decision that will lead you to the peace of mind you are looking for.