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BIA Investigations is a premier full service investigative firm, integrating professional investigations, computer forensics, corporate intelligence, forensic accounting and litigation support to provide high-level investigations and consulting.


Asset Investigations

When it comes to locating assets, you may need a private investigator to help you. This is an area of investigation with which our team has a significant amount of experience. At BIA asset searches uncover value or any potential liabilities. Asset investigations uncover exactly what sorts of collectible assets someone has and how secure these assets are. Asset investigations can help settle personal injury cases, collect debt, verify financial statements, confirm/deny the existence of real or hidden assets etc.


Our resources enable us to get detailed information on the financial viability of both individuals and companies. This includes, but is not limited to levels of debt and credit history.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?  There is no stronger evidence than a good surveillance video and we can say without hesitation that our Surveillance Specialists are THE BEST in the industry.  With state of the art 4K cameras, including, but not limited to hidden and covert cameras, specially equipped surveillance vehicles and long range radios, our field investigators get the best results possible. All video can be delivered to the client via a password protected online video link on our private server, a DVD or CD.​

Client Testimonials

Mr. Busalacchi and his staff have conducted subrosa and witness statements that have been beneficial in achieving favorable results for our clients… I would recommend him without hesitation.

-Lynn Goodwin,

We experienced a very favorable result in this case and I credit a substantial portion of the outcome to the excellent subrosa investigation conducted by your office.

― Claim Examiner, American Stores

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